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Participate in Consumer Test Panels

6 Consumer Test Panels to Sign Up for


If you like free products, cash and prizes (and I'm betting you do), think about joining some consumer test panels. The following companies really know how to treat their panelists:

1. McCormick Consumer Testing

McCormick handles most of their consumer testing at their Hunt Valley, Maryland facility, but they do occasionally do in-home studies. Sign up to become a consumer test panelist, and you could get to try new spice and flavoring products before they come out – and get paid to do it.

2. L'Oreal Consumer Testing Panel

Test new products for L'Oreal, and get paid in cash or free products. You'll also earn a free gift for every five surveys that you complete for them.

3. New Balance Wear Test Program

Test drive New Balances' latest shoes and apparel as a member of their Wear Test program. You won't get to keep the products that you test, but you will get to use them for the duration of the test (usually six to eight weeks). If you decide to put in an application, you'll need to choose one brand to test: New Balance, Dunham, PF Flyers, Aravon, or Warriors.

Worth Noting: Kids can participate, too.

4. Mills Advisory Panel

Help shape new General Mills and Small Planet Foods products by participating in online surveys and product tests. Compensation varies by project, but may include points that you can redeem for prizes, products or other forms of compensation.

5. I-say by Ipsos

Sign up for I-say by Ipsos, and participate in surveys for a wide-range of products and services. Then, cash in the rewards points that you earn for cash or gift cards.

6. thePinkPanel

Test new beauty products for thePinkPanel (fun), and you may even score a stipend (anywhere from $50-$200) for your time.

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