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Top 5 Survey Sites

The Best Survey Sites on the Web


Interested in getting paid to take surveys, but not sure which companies you can trust? Here are the ones that I recommend (and use):

1. Harris Polls

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Harris is the Cadillac of survey sites. Their research is well-respected and frequently cited; the number of points awarded per survey is generous; and there are lots of rewards to choose from – gift cards, prizes and sweepstakes entries.

2. ZoomPanel

If you're looking to earn rewards quickly, ZoomPanel is the survey site to join. They typically send out several survey invitations each week, and have a great collection of rewards to choose from – the latest books and movies, electronics, appliances, jewelry, home decor, charitable donations and more.

3. Opinion Place

Run by AOL, this survey site let's you choose from one of five rewards: Amazon gift cards, PayPal credits, AAdvantage Miles, AOL credits or sweepstakes entries. Rewards are instant rather than accrued. Nice if your looking to add a quick pick-me-up to your day.

4. CVS Advisor

Okay, I'm giving up one of my best-kept secrets here, but CVS Advisor is a must-join site. You'll probably only get a few survey invitations a year, but you'll want to respond to those invitations when they come. They reward participants with Extra Care Bucks, and it's not uncommon to receive $10 in ECBs for participating in a single survey.

5. Survey Savvy

If you like instant gratification and cash, Survey Savvy is the site for you. Each survey is assigned a dollar amount based on the length of the survey, and you can request a check for your earnings at any time.

For more information about surveys, check out: Get Paid to Take Surveys

Disclaimer: Ads for surveys found on this page may or may not be for legitimate companies. Research all companies carefully before sharing any personal information.

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