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Uses for Coffee Cans

Clever Ways to Reuse Coffee Cans


Empty coffee cans are worth hanging on to. Check out these money-saving uses for them:

Gift Wrap

Photo © Erin Huffstetler

Cover the outside of a coffee can with wrapping paper or a bright coat of spray paint. Then, drop your gift inside; pop the lid on; and you're done. It's a great option for both edible and non-edible gifts.

A Compost Bucket

Stick an empty coffee can on your kitchen counter, and use it to hold your kitchen scraps in between trips to the compost pile. The lid will help to contain odors and prevent fruit fly attacks.

A Bread Pan

Like to give homemade bread as a gift? Bake it inside an aluminum coffee can, and it will come out of the oven wrapped and ready to give.

An Ice Cream Maker

Save a large and small coffee can. Then, use them to create a make-shift ice cream maker:

A Toad House

Tired of finding bugs munching on your plants? Toads are great pest control. Invite one to your yard by creating a toad house out of an old coffee can:

Flower Pots

Get all the free flower pots you could ever need by transforming your coffee cans into pots. Just paint the outside of the can; punch a few holes in the bottom for drainage; and you're ready to plant.


Coffee cans are great for storing everything from dried beans to Legos. Print out these nifty picture labels, and you'll know the contents of each can at a glance:


Collect a bunch of coffee cans, and use them to make lanterns for your backyard. They're great for parties, but sturdy enough to hold up to daily use:


Turn your yard into a bird haven by creating one or more coffee can birdhouses. They look great, and cost almost nothing to make:

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