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Uses for Brown Paper Bags

Clever Ways to Reuse Brown Paper Bags


Have a large stash of brown paper bags? Check out these uses for them, and you'll wish you had even more:

Paper Bag Boxes

Paper Bag Boxes
Photo &copy Flickr user denise_carbonell

Weave grocery bags into sturdy (and stylish) storage boxes:


Wrapping Paper

Brown Paper Gift Wrap
Photo &copy Flickr user jessicacasetorres
Stockpile brown paper bags, and use them to wrap all your gifts. Embellished with rubber stamps, paint or ribbons, it's a look that store-bought paper can't compete with.

A Paper Bag Wallet

Paper Bag Wallet
Photo &copy Flickr user P^ul

Anyone can take home a new wallet in a paper bag. Not everyone can make one out of a paper bag:

A Mini Scrapbook

Paper Bag Scrapbook
Photo &copy Flickr user She'sSewPretty

Cut down on the cost of scrapbooking, by turning paper sacks into mini scrapbooks:


Homemade Envelopes
Photo &copy Erin Huffstetler

Cut and fold your way to a steady supply of brown paper envelopes – so much nicer than boring white:


Paper Bag Luminaries
Photo &copy Flickr user burningkarma

Turn a pile of paper lunch bags into festive luminaries for your next party or holiday celebration:

Compost Material

Compost Bin
Photo &copy Flickr user solylunafamilia

Shred paper bags, and add them to your compost pile for a boost of browns:

Book Covers

Paper Bag Book Cover
Photo &copy Flickr user Evalia_England

Go old school, and cover your kids' textbooks with brown paper bags:

To Ripen Fruit

Avocados Ripening in a Paper Bag
Photo &copy Flickr user nate_steiner
Ripen avocados, tomatoes, bananas or peaches by sticking them inside of a brown paper bag.

To Store Mushrooms

Morel Mushrooms
Photo &copy Flickr user jimehle58

Stick mushrooms inside of a paper bag, and store them in the fridge to keep them fresh longer:

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