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How to Cure Garlic



Cured Garlic

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Growing garlic in your garden? Drying it for long-term storage is a snap.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 3-4 weeks

Here's How:

  1. Place the entire garlic plant (bulb, roots and stalk) in a cool, dry place. You can tie the garlic in bunches and hang it, or spread your harvest out on a rack. Either way, good ventilation is a must.
  2. Allow the garlic to dry for a few weeks (elephant garlic needs at least four weeks to cure). The outer wrapper will papery and shrunken when the garlic is dry.
  3. Once dry, trim the roots close to the bulb (leave about a half-inch remaining).
  4. Use a soft brush to remove any dirt from the bulb. The outer layer of the wrapper can be removed, if further cleaning is desired – but try not to remove much more than that.
  5. Leave the stalks intact, if you plan to braid your garlic. Trim them to within an inch or two of the bulb if you plan to store your garlic loose.
  6. Your garlic is now ready for storage! Keep it in a cool, dry place and it should stay fresh for months.


  1. Save some of your biggest bulbs for planting next year
  2. Only undamaged bulbs should be dried for storage. If you nick a bulb while digging it up, you'll need to use it right away
  3. Use some of your garlic to make your own garlic powder

What You Need:

  • Freshly dug garlic
  • A soft brush for scrubbing
  • Scissors
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