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A Racing Bike

Share Your Story: My Best Yard Sale Find

By kingkelly

A Racing Bike

What I found

A one year old Bianchi racing bike with only 47 miles on its odometer/computer! It was in brand new condition; had been ridden very little; and was immaculate. They were asking $500, and showed me the bill of sale that showed it was $1399 when purchased one year before!

What I paid for it

I tried to get them to come down in price, but they were firm, stating that, "Its already the best deal you will ever get." So I finally agreed to $500, and I've been extremely happy with the bike ever since. I ride in the Tour De Cure each year with it; and you can go there and donate to my team, the Pedaling Curefunders!

Tips & tricks

  • Get out early, and plan your best route for the best sales

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