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Readers Respond: Are there thrift store items that you like to snatch up for crafting?

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I told you what I like to buy at thrift stores to use in craft projects. Now I want to hear what you like to buy.

T shirts

I look for brightly colored T shirts - especially those without design or just minimal ones. I cut them into long strips to use in crocheting rag rugs.

Wool Sweaters

After you deliberately felt old 100%wool sweaters, they can be used to make winter wearables such as mittens, gloves, caps or head-warmers (headbands)--even craft items like hot mitts or a tea cozy!
—Guest aardvark

jewelry & tins, books

I haunt thrift stores, always on the lookout for different necklaces, findings, etc. that I can pull apart and reuse to make new jewelry. I also add semi-precious stones, etc. to make mine really special. Also buy tins. children's small hard books, I spray paint both of them & make altered collages. DH & I make the rounds of thrift stores it's our "date night"!!!


A clever friend purchased a king size quilted bedset and turned the bed skirt into window toppers. She also made 8-12 placemats, a table runner, and napkins to match from the matching sheets. What a dramatic change for a few $ at a garage sale!!
—Guest cgrammy

Formal Dresses Jeans

I've "harvested" yards and yards of lace from wedding dresses, which I then cut into strips for sewing & craft projects, as well as gift wrapping. Bridesaid and other formal dresses provide lovely material for making fabric gift bags etc. Thrift store jeans are good for making tote bags, yoga mat bags etc. A lot cheaper than buying new denim fabric
—Guest timzagain


Clear plates or any clear glass {even tinted with color} can be used for reverse decopauge. Old books can be used to make altered books, or if they have pictures you can cut out to use for decopauge.


I am working my way through all the great needlework kits I have found the last few years. Most have never been opened and were expensive to purchase. I also love to work in my yard and find items that I can rework as a garden ornament. Many large dishes or ceramic pots can be drilled to drain and used for plant containers. I buy size large skirts for the material for quilting. Ties make excelent crazy quilts or decorative binding on remade clothes from the thrift stores. I bought a comforter and remade it into cushion covers for some patio furniture. Two years ago I got about 100 plus packs of pre-cut yarn for hooking rugs. I could go on and on.......
—Guest Rescilla

Candy tins

I recently visited the local Goodwill store and purchased 12 tins with lids, all of which were plain gold or had Christmas themes on them, and paid between .39 and .99 for each of them. I have cleaned them up and since I'm trying to be very frugal this year, I'll fill them with cookies and candy for my childrens' teachers, my co-workers, etc.

stuffed animals

I like to buy large stuffed animals and dismantle them. Sometimes their ribbons and hats can be reused for different purposes, but I make puffy stuff like cat nip toys or stuffed ornaments. The stuffed animals are inexpensive and some really need to say bye-bye!
—Guest Kat

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