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Readers Respond: Have you found a great way to reuse plastic newspaper sleeves?

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Plastic newspaper sleeves can be used for all sorts of things. Tell us how you like to reuse yours.


I slip each shoe in a newspaper bag before throwing them in my suitcase. It keeps my clothes clean!
—Guest Kim

Raw Meat Container

I reuse plastic newspaper bags to throw away the butcher trays & plastic wrap from the grocery store in them after I'm doing prepping the raw meat / chicken...etc. Save my kitchen from the rotting smell in the trash!
—Guest Thi

use for newspaper bags

I use them to pack my shoes in when I travel. Keeps them away from clothes and even if they have some dirt on the bottoms, no problem.
—Guest PatsyB

keep warm and dry

I used to put the plastic newspaper bags over my children's feet before they would put their boots on. Their feet would stay warmer because it would hold in their body heat and dryer in case the boot had sprung a leak. On the youngest ones the bags were tall enough to double as leg warmers under their pants.
—Guest Mary

Plastic Newspaper sleeve

When my little grand children come and have messy diapers, rather than letting the aroma permiate the air, we pop them into a sleeve, knot the end and can then toss them into the garbage without the tell tale odour.
—Guest Daphne

Camping Necessities

We usually drop in a few rolls of toilet paper into these and close them up with an old bread twist tie. Helps keep moisture out when going camping. We do the same thing with a roll of paper towels, only we dampen the roll with a mixture of water and a bit of liquid soap and a bit of white vinegar and take the cardboard roll out of the inside. Then we've got quick handwipes or kitchen wipes when we're camping, when done simply throw in the campfire. We reuse the newspaper either cleaning mirrors or windows around the house (w/ white vinegar) or crumble them up as campfire starter.
—Guest Jax

newspaper sleeves

Sunday's sleeve is good for a roll of paper towels that I keep in my car. I just tuck the open end into the hole in the roll and it keeps it from unraveling and clean.
—Guest Carie

Litter Box Clean Up

Clean out kitty litter boxes using newspaper sleeves. Load the bottom, tie a knot, load again, tie another knot, then disgard!
—Guest Cecil A. Powell

temporary personal wastebasket

When I have a cold and blow my nose repeatedly, I use the bag to contain those germy discards. When you wish to discard, tie off and discard. I also cut off the unused top portion and add to our plastic bag recycle collection to bring back to the grocery store recycle bin.

Poison Ivy Protection

An adaption of already posted tips is one I rely on to protect from poison ivy. Use the same technique as picking up other unwanted things in your yard (pooper scooper). Being very allergic to the plant, weeding the miserable ivy out, roots and all, works quite well in our rural yard. What makes me smile is I thought of this myself a few years ago. Small pleasure, I know, but a worthwhile pleasure!
—Guest mari forquer

Kite Organizer

I use the plastic newspaper sleeves to keep the many kites my children have organized and tangle free. Each kite with string gets slid into it's own sleeve.

Poison Ivy

Pulling poison ivy in yard. As in the poop scoop idea, slip over hand and arm; grasp ivy so you get leaves and roots. Take care not to let any part of plant touch skin. Pull top of bag from your upper arm down and over your hand with ivy inside turning bag inside out. Tie top of bag and let roast in sun. Discard in trash bag and all. Several smaller poison ivy plants can be pull into same bag. Just take care not to overload bag so your hands or arms don't touch any part of the plant. I've been pulling poison ivy at the edge of our wooded property this way for years. Never got the rash!
—Guest Mari Forquer

Give them to your carrier to reuse

I am a newspaper carrier. I have to pay for by bags. Many of my customers give them back to me to reuse. A sleeve of 100 Sunday bags cost me $1.35,a sleeve of daily bags are $1:25. It adds up! I know not all carriers will reuse them, but ASK your carrier if (s)he will.
—Guest Darla

Cast Cover

Use as a protective cover for a short-arm cast when taking a shower. The larger Sunday edition size will cover an above-the-elbow cast on an adult patient.

Wrap used paint brushes, etc.

If there's a used paint brush you want to separate from other nonpainted items, wrap it in a plastic sleeve. Also, you can use it as a receptacle for car garbage until you can get to a real waste receptacle. Dirty diapers and sanitary napkins could be disposed of in these sleeves.

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