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Readers Respond: What are your favorite gifts to give that cost $10 or less?

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From the article: Best Gifts Under $10
$10 isn't a lot of money, but it is enough to buy a nice gift. Tell us what you like to give when you're trying to keep it to $10 or less. Share Your Ideas

picture frame

You can always get a picture frame for a dollar or two . put a picture of kids and give to grandmother
—Guest Karen salyers

Great gift only $10

Have you seen Boxai? It's a box in a box in a box with a message in the last box. Awesome photographs on the inside and outside of each box. All sorts of subjects - cats, dogs, tango, babies, bees, celebrations, love, weddings, Paris, planet Earth...
—Guest Mary

Cheap Boxed Gifts

At Barnes & Noble, in the checkout section there is most often a rack of small little boxes of toys that are usually very basic but still entertaining, such as Thumb Wrestlers, which are just little finger puppets used for playing Thumb War. If you want something cheap and fast, it's a great deal.
—Guest Ian


Candy is all ways a good gift. Go to Dollar Tree and buy a bunch of their favorite candies, and put them in a basket (this also works with baked goods).
—Guest Chocolate lover

Gifts under $10

At my mall during Christmas time, there is this cart with glass animals. Almost any animal made out of glass! While some of them may be expensive, most cost well under $10! Another great idea would be to make things out of duct tape, just like Guest jocelyn had said. Me and my daughter spent the whole day making wallets, bags, even bows out of duct tape! Of course I didn't know how to do this, but ask YOUR daughter! Who knows what she might know?!
—Guest Megan Morin

Under $10 Items

Make something home made. It's cheap, and the person you make it for will consider it great because you put the time in to make it.
—Guest charotte343

box of gifts

A box full of little things, like a small jar of candy, a card, bracelet, rose,and a few other things. It's perfect because the candy is at the dollar store, and you can make a card and get a fake chocolate rose all under $11.
—Guest katie 10

Best gifts for under $10

hand knitted socks- yarn 7.99 or 3.99 from Herchnerrs Cookie cutter, homemade cookie dough and spinkles form Bulk barn in little bags for less than $5 Fridge box, glue , left over wall paper and notions form dollar store. Hours of entertainment for the kids and extremely creative. Handpainted picture in frame- $10 Food basket- pomegranate,oranges,bananas and nuts$10
—Guest Claudia

Under $10

I made a blanket and in total it was $6.99. All you need is pieces of cloth or anything you like and to put it together. It was awesome, and she loved it!!!!!
—Guest Amy

office secret santa

Fancy paper clips, pretty post it notes, cute pens. Also, car air freshener, personalized key chains, candy, gum, etc. Also a coffee cup filled with hot chocolate mix, marshmallows. For teachers, a "survival kit." The cute poem with a list of items can be googled.
—Guest momof2

great ideas

Homemade-truffles Bath products Cookies Muffins Cakes Cards Clothes
—Guest Bryony

Lots of Ideas

My favorite thing to get or buy with $10 is makeup. I also love to have bags: purses, totes and the ones for the grocery store.
—Guest Cyailh

Sriracha Salt - a gourmet gift

In a bowl, combine 5 teaspoons of sriracha and 1/2 a cup of salt in a bowl and stir well. Spread the mixture out on a sheet of wax paper on a pan. Let it dry for 1-2 days. When it dries, it clumps up, so I broke it up everytime I noticed it getting hard and clumpy. Then I put it into a neat little jar with a nice tag. This salt is great for popcorn, fries, steaks, eggs, etc. Great gifts for gourmets and foodies.

Great gift under $10

Take a cookie sheet from the dollar store, put a ribbon through the hole and put magnets on the front. Cute memo holder to hang on the wall. You can also spray paint the cookie sheet. :)
—Guest Jamar1215

Gifts under $10

Give your parent a coupon booklet. Great for kids and adults! You can help your parent by doing some extra chores for free. Or if they complain about one habit you have, try to break it. It will make them happy and proud of you.
—Guest Jewel

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What are your favorite gifts to give that cost $10 or less?

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