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Readers Respond: What are your favorite gifts to give that cost $10 or less?

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From the article: Best Gifts Under $10
$10 isn't a lot of money, but it is enough to buy a nice gift. Tell us what you like to give when you're trying to keep it to $10 or less.

Gift that gives best response.

Homemade chocolate truffles! Melt dark chocolate, add a tiny pinch of salt to bring out the flavour, stir in some cream till you have a ganache. Put in fridge for an hour or so to cool. Scoop into small balls. Roll in cocoa or icing sugar or coconut or shavings of a different chocolate or chocolate sprinkles or nuts ... or whatever you like. Cut a square of card from a cereal box about 3" square (or a circle if you like) Wrap in foil or pretty wallpaper or wrapping paper offcuts. Place on a larger piece of florists type cellophane. Pile up a pyramid of truffles on to the card, bring up the cellophane over it all. Tie off with a couple of thin shreds of florists ribbon. Use a knife or scissors to curl the ends.You could add a homemade gift tag saying "handmade with love by ...(your name) on ... (date) for...(name of recipient). You can also add a flavouring when you are making the ganache - Grand Marnier is lovely or rum or natural lemon essence. These cost about €2-3 maximum!

gifts under $10

for christmas my aunt gave my cousin this wallet out of skittles and all kinds of wrappers and she said that it was only 4 dollars in totall;) -luia garcia
—Guest luis garcia

Great $10 Gifts

a bottle of wine, lottery tickets, coffee card, travel pillow, blanket, collage frame, liquor filled chocolates, calendar, chocolates, stationary, slippers, sweatshirt, ornament, decoration, christmas shaped baking pan with cake mix and frosting, pretty jar with M & M's, towels, oven mitts and wooden spoon, perfume, gift certificate, DVD, CD, disposable camera, cash tied up like butterflies, frames, gas card, snow brush, travelor mug, special coffee, photo album, blanket, towels, kitchen towels, placemat, cookies, cake, car cleaning supplies, nice handcream, phone card, glade candle set, scented candles, tablecloth, book, joke book, stationary, bubble bath, cleaning supplies, fun gadgets, easy button, fudge, homemade bread, homemade treats, wine glasses, donated goods in their name, cd cases, flashlight for keychain, address book, journal, desk items, makeup brushes, memo board for frig, cookie supplies, brownies in a jar, ice scraper, gloves, scarve, cookbook
—Guest susan

Duck Tape

My daughter and I just spent yesterday afternoon making Duck tape bracelets. Each roll of colorful Duck tape was about $3.99 at the local craft store. Two coordinating rolls and an Exacto knife or scissors, and you have a great $10 gift for a 13 year old!
—Guest jocelyn

Zorbitz karma bracelets all under $10

I found these at a Whole Foods once, and now I use them as gifts for everyone. They have these great bracelets with gemstones that come with a card that grants the wearer something like happiness, good luck, etc. Really nice inexpensive gifts. All of my friends love them.
—Guest Leon Kowalski

My Favourite Under $10 gift ideas

From the dollar store - (1) holiday kitchen towels, pot holders and oven mitt (2) Candles and candle holders (3) A set of Christmas mugs (4) Journal & Pen (5) Photo frames (6) Makeup bag filled with compact mirror, purse sized comb &/ or brush, lip balm, hand cream, nail clipper etc (7) Dollar store candy jar filled with candy (8) Costume jewelry - present it a nice gift box (recycled of course) and it will look much more expensive that it really is (9) A book light and a dollar store novel. Add a pair of reading glasses if you know the magnification the recipient wears (10) Mini gift basket with nail polishes, emery boards and a hand & nail cream

Best gifts Under $10

I purchase magazine subscriptions for $10 or less and give them to EVERYONE. It's a gift that continues to give throughout the year!

gift for mother in law

A good gift for someone who has everything (my mother in law) is $10 worth of stamps. She writes 5 or 6 letters a week and she can't always get to the post office because she lives in an assisted-living facility
—Guest mary

Bags and Pens

In Chicagoland Jewel Osco offers green reusable bags... and blue for frig items - Happy Hanukkah! Fountain pens are often more than $10 but you can get used ones for a great price... and they make such distinctive writing on cards etc. I like ThePenMarket.com for great used writing instruments from just about every era. Amazing selection!
—Guest Bing

Green Bags

I like the idea to give reusable bags. If you're looking for them, Lunds sells green reusable bags.
—Guest captomner

Make gifts from catalogs

I've found a lot of cute things in catalogs that I've made for gifts. This year, for kids, I'm making soap with money in it. In the catalog it's $13. I make mine for about $6. Follow directions to make soap and then add a $2 bill folded as a fan and bind with a rubber band in the middle. buy special coins at the bank - Susan B. Anthony, silver dollars, half dollars, state quarters, etc. Put two or three coins in and then add the $2 bill. Kids LOVE it! For adults I'm making a small cup strainer found in another magazine for $23. I am already enrolled in a pottery class and so I make a cup, poke holes in the bottom and voila! I have a strainer for about $5. Great for berries or other small things.

Best gifts under $10.00

A book of stamps and a box of stationery, especially for shut-ins.
—Guest littleladybug

Gift Ideas Under $10

Most stores today sell reusable grocery bags for $1 or less. They make great gifts AND feel good to give because you and your recipient are contributing to a greener earth. Target sells red ones; find a store that sells green bags and tie up 5 of each with colorful Christmas ribbon.
—Guest JuleS

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