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Readers Respond: What are your favorite $5-or-less gifts to give?

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You could even buy them a lot of their favorite candy at Walmart it's only $1 usually. Nail polish, bracelets, and some Vera Bradley. Near the Jasper Area if you go to Finishing Touches they have the cutest little friendship bracelets! Photo albums are great, too!
—Guest kellylynn

Teen Gifts Under $5

You can go to Bath & Body, and at christmas they have hand sanitizers on sale 5 for $5. You can get tons of different flavors, or small perfumes for $5 each. Also girls love painting their nails; Walgreens has nail polish for 99 cents. Get some different colors; they will love them.
—Guest love ya

The Gift of Fun

It doesn't just have to be a gift for someone. Make it a fun day with co-workers, family, friends, etc. Make a scavenger hunt. It doesn't take very long, and its a lot of fun to spend time with friends, or getting to know your co-workers. Have them split into teams and have each team contribute 5 bucks and all the money in the end will be the final prize for the winner!
—Guest Meghan

Home Baked Cookies

I love to bake. Even at today's prices, you can bake a dozen chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, or peanutbutter cookies for about $1.50/dozen.

Printable Calendars

I love the calendars at Little Brown Pen. $5 for the download, and you can print as many as you want. http://www.etsy.com/shop/littlebrownpen
—Guest melissa

$5 and Under Gifts

I am a total fan of the Dollar store! One of my favorite gifts to give (to friends over 21) are painted Wine glasses. You can buy 1 or 2 wine glasses for a $1 each at the dollar store and then paint a picture (like a snowman, Christmas tree, snowflkes, etc) on them with oil paint. The paint is relatively inexpensive and a little goes a long way!
—Guest Carli

Pretty dish towels

You can find some nice ones on clearance after a holiday, and save for future gifts.
—Guest Maureen

$5 Gifts

I love the Dollar Tree also. Look for weekly deals stacked near the registers. Last year I saw an off brand of after dinner orange chocolate mints in a long rectangular box for a $1 there. Dollar Tree also had the double decker Rubber Maid lunch container CHEAPER that Wal-Mart. Lunch containers help people save money all year long. Plastic table cloths with a print and flannel backing are nice $5 gift. My favorite $5 gifts are gift certificates for fast food places like McDonald's or Arby's. You don't have to get burgers or fries, but I sure love their coffee. Both Wal-Mart and Target have older movies for $5. Target has their's on a rack, Wal-Mart has them in a bin. Marc's Deep Discount Store in the Cleveland area has puzzles under $5. Those can bring hours of entertainment. So can puzzle books. Where there is a will, there is a way. $$$!!!
—Guest parmaoh

Lots of Fun

At the local Dollar Tree I can buy 2 decks of cards for a dollar, and a set of poker chips for a dollar. So for 3 dollars I can give two gifts -- I include directions for several games (not just poker) that can be played.
—Guest Susan

crafty ideas etc.

I love to go to the local 99c stores or "Big Lot" stores for buy-out items. I have found lovely notebooks for 99c each. Plus a nice pen is a great $5 gift for a child over 6, a teen or a co-worker. I have also found small-ish plain wood or plastic picture frames and glued ribbon, beads or buttons to them, for a nice inexpensive and personalized gift. It's also great for handing out kids' school pics to relatives.

Favorite gifts under $5

I crochet/knit a pair of mitts. A pair for each family member costs very little and most people really like getting them.
—Guest Vee

Start a tradition

Every year, the adults in our family exchange names. We do it at work too. And at Scouts, etc. I make a big batch of fudge. Kids love it, adults love it and it's consumable so it doesn't take up precious space. Cost is about $3/pound including the box and tag. It's become a tradition and people are now asking to buy a box of the fudge if they aren't the lucky winner!

Feed it Forward/Entertainment Book

Restaurants.com is now offering free $10 GC for 3 people per day in the feed it forward program. Also you can get a Free Entertainment Book after cash back.
—Guest Swap Savers

Gifts $5 or Less

You can find really kitchy, fun, retro, one-of-a-kind goodies suitable for anyone and everyone on your gift list -- at a thrift store. Knick-knacks, coffee mugs, stuffed animals, framed pictures, collectibles of every kind, like-new toys. Do you have an avid reader on your list? Buy a stack of books for 5 bucks (they're only $.40 each at my local thrift store, paperback 20 cents) and you'll find like-new recent bestsellers as well as old & unique titles.
—Guest JuleS

vintage toys

Find out from conversations what favourite toys they remember from their childhood. Bid for them on popular auction websites remembering to include postage cost in the overall cost.

Cheap gifts for co-workers

I saw Target has 2009 wall calendars for $1.00 each in their dollar section. They are very nice for the price, vineyards, etc. I also found purse hangers at Francesca's Collections boutique for $3. They go on the side of the table and you can hang your purse so that you dont have to put it on the floor. They are tiny and cute and just store in the bottom of your purse. :)
—Guest Dana

Kid gifts

I bought a bunch of Army Dinner Packs and gave to several boys at X-mas one year, The Adults thought it was crazy, until they saw how the kids were so fascinated over them. They loved them!
—Guest sea_blonde@yahoo.com

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