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Readers Respond: What are your favorite $5-or-less gifts to give?

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From the article: Best Gifts Under $5
A great gift doesn't have to cost a lot. Tell us what you like to give when you're trying to keep it to $5 or less. Share Your Ideas

Movie night- graduation gift

My husband is a teacher so we often get lots of invites. We like to give them a little something so we came up with a movie night present. Large plastic bowl from walmart -$1, 1 pkg of M&Ms, 1 or 2 pkg of popcorn, and 1 Redbox movie rental gift code.
—Guest Kenz

Potted plants and results

Having "green thumb" and terrace full of useful plants (herbs, veggies, fruits), I would prepare a special pot for someone, with detailed hand-written care and use instructions. For instance, if I give a pot of basil, I would include recipe for my pesto. Since I save my own seeds, the only cost is a pot/planter and potting soil. People who don't like gardening get herb/spice mixes, homemade soaps, bathing salts, etc.
—Guest Lana


EOS Lip balms are only $3 (: Everyone loves those!!!
—Guest kayleeeeee .xx


A do it yourself mug:D Buy one from the dollar store, draw, bake and give.
—Guest Guest!

a few ideas

Amaryllis kit in a box for them to grow themselves, only $5. $5 gift card to Starbucks. candle. Scented foaming hand soap, Christmas ornament
—Guest Tammy

$1 bins

Someone mentioned the dollar bins at Michaels Arts And Craft stores, I second that. They range from $1-$3 per item, some items come in sets of two or more. They have a pretty big selection. From mini baroque picture frames, to full sized anti-bacterial soaps, ornaments, holiday cards, thank you cards, gift bags/boxes, craft items, monogrammed gifts, the list goes one. They also have a whole section dedicated to children in the same price range. Also, the discount bins at Target near the entrance of the stores.
—Guest T

Large jar candles

I usually always give the large scented jar candles from Michaels that have the scents of the season. They are much like the Yankee Candle ones, but WAY less expensive. They usually have them 2 for, or 3 for. Michaels always has a 40% off coupon non sale items, (these are usually always on sale), so you can usually get away with one for $3 or so.
—Guest T

Cheap Graduation Gift

My daughter's best friend is leaving for college in the fall so I have been sending away for every free sample I can get for her. Shampoo, condition, toothpaste, laundry detergent, instant coffee, and the like. It will help her cut down her costs while away. I also plan on sending a mini coupon binder to get her started. I figure a small brag book from the dollar store will be perfect!

Gifts for Females and Children

I make necklaces and bracelets with leather strips, metal chains, cords, fabric, beads, charms, large pendants, etc. All purchased at the local craft and discount stores. These can be as simple or complex as desired. I.e. For my young grandchildren, I spotted 2 football charms marked "clearance" for $1 total and purchased cording (similar to sweatshirt ties) in 2 different colors. I also purchase large pendants on "clearance" at the local craft or discount department stores and buy inexpensive chains. My family and friends rave about the gorgeous gifts and I rarely state that they're handmade "cheap" gifts.
—Guest Stephanie

Discount Stores

Best one for lack of competing shoppers is Tuesday Morning, most days. I know they have Flaunt products @ 50% off their price, right now.
—Guest CynicalDrivel

This is worth reading!

Last year, I found some paper sandwich bags, and I cut them down to size, and put a bow through them, and put some candy from the dollar store in it, and everyone said that they loved it!
—Guest Thrifty-girl


Paul Frank lip balm. Pack of 2 for like $3. It is a good stocking stuffer for tween girls. Another thing for girls is a cute hair accessory or scarf.
—Guest Rosty

cheap but sweet

I often buy candles and nail polish from Rite Aid, when I'm looking for a cheap gift. The nice thing is people seem happy with them.
—Guest maryrose


Make one if you moved away or want them to smile give them a scrapbook.have a nice day love,Sparkles:)
—Guest Sparkles*

BBW gifts 4 $5

If I have a friend that I need a really small gift for, then I will go to Bath and Body Works, and pick her out some PocketBacs, since they are 5 for $5! Or, you can give them one or two, and have the rest for yourself ( BTW, Vanilla Berry Sorbet is the BEST!)

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What are your favorite $5-or-less gifts to give?

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