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Readers Respond: What are your favorite $5-or-less gifts to give?

Responses: 32


From the article: Best Gifts Under $5
A great gift doesn't have to cost a lot. Tell us what you like to give when you're trying to keep it to $5 or less.

BBW gifts 4 $5

If I have a friend that I need a really small gift for, then I will go to Bath and Body Works, and pick her out some PocketBacs, since they are 5 for $5! Or, you can give them one or two, and have the rest for yourself ( BTW, Vanilla Berry Sorbet is the BEST!)

the one worth reading

Walmart, Goodwill, Plato's Closet, Style Xchange. personally Plato"s Closet is the best!! ever!!
—Guest kinley


Radio sack has the best deals this Christmas time!
—Guest Woody

Good idea for cheap gifts

I just gave my 15 co-workers $1 scratchoff cards. They loved it, and one girl won $20!!


i like to get nice, clean ceramic pieces from the thrift shop and fill them with dollar store candy or mints.
—Guest antfamily

Fun fun

Got cheap stuff at target in the Clearance section 3 gifts for under $9
—Guest Gh19028

A tin of holiday goodies - under $3 gift

Best idea if you have a group of people to cover. Buy holiday tins from any dollar store and fill it with chocolate-covered pretzels and/or pop-corn (also from a dollar store). Stick a Christmas bow on a top. Anyone will enjoy it!
—Guest Anya

Great Gifts for $5

I too love the local dollar tree for all gift ideas. With the bad economy you are seeing big brands put their products in dollar trees all the time because more people are shopping there. Now selling garnia fructis hair products in travel size. Many other big names. Paul huff location has great oil burners in many colors, very nice tea candles too...huge bottle of oil all for one dollar... I do have to say ocean breeze is only oil that has a pleasant smell
—Guest jjimmy

Favourite gifts to all!!!(Under $5)

A notebook or a torch/flashlight. My favourite gift I've gotten is a calender full of horses and a bubblegum machine. (I loved it cause the flavour was strawberry.) I also think a present from the $2 shop should be worth it.
—Guest Emily


Love the dollar bins at michaels. I have a thing for the cute magnetic notepads and pens to match!! Also tons of notecards, nailfiles etc. Love, love, love!!
—Guest holly

great inexpensive gift

To make homemade vanilla, collect through the year small pretty darker glass bottles. Add 1 cup vodka and 2 cut up vanilla beans, split in half. You can do this 4 months in advance, so that the essence is cured, or label the bottle with a date when it will be ready for use. A container of vanilla beans from Costco or a similar store will create a frugal gift when shared out.
—Guest shellgirl4000

Random and funky gifts

Duck tape can come in different colors and patterns which makes them a great stocking gift. Also it's crafty.
—Guest Ashley


Okay so EVERY year if you purchase something from Victoria's Secret, you get a rewards coupon card for either $10, $50, $100, or $500, but you don't know what the amount is until you use the card. If you go there and then go to the clearance section, there will be cute t-shirts for $10 ONLY, and if you use the card (there will most likely be $10 on it), ITS FREEE! And then you can add a $5 fragrance from PINK.


Go to $2 dollar shops. You can get bright boxes and fill them with candy, cards, glasses, sunnies, chocolate.
—Guest Torz234


i love to paint bookmark for kids. They are fun to do and cost basically nothing!
—Guest milly

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