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Readers Respond: Have You Negotiated a Bill Successfully?

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From the article: Negotiate Bills
Monthly bills never go away, but they can get smaller. Have you ever negotiated your way into a smaller bill? Tell Us How You Did It

It's all negotiable!

I have always shopped & contacted cable, phone, Internet companies.....DDS, MDs. Recently, two are of interest. A dentist charged my husband $325 for a crown, which they said insurance would pay. A month later, we received a bill stating it was not covered. I called monthly for 6 months. No answer, no return call. My husband went back with bill in hand for his six month cleaning, indicated they told him it would be paid by insurance & he was willing to pay for their cost. He paid $75. Last month, I went to a new doc, who required a drug screen prior to treatment. They did not use my insurance preferred provider. I received a bill for $329. I called, within seconds I was told if I paid it today, it would be $98. Done!

All the time

I negotiate bills a lot! My phone bill and internet once a year. I negotiated my cable bill every year until they refused to lower my rate. So I cancelled cable. I negotiate medical bills, too. We have insurance, but sometimes we owe coinsurance and I negotiate those amounts every time. Recently, Hubby's cardiologist gave us a 30% discount just for paying our coinsurance amount for a procedure in full. I saved $100 on that one. We have some more bills we will be receiving for a surgery, and I intend to negotiate them all. So, don't let having insurance stop you.

Share a bill

Get garbage service two or more times a week? Share a bill with your neighbor or other household; one person gets Tuesdays and one gets Fridays, or split a two can limit.
—Guest idarose711

Have done it a little

I have an internet bill and a cable bill with different companies, and every 6 months to a year they raise the rates dramatically. What I have done is to talk to their "retention department" and have in hand a copy of a mailer from their competition and I even read them parts of the mailer. I actually do not want the hassle of switching companies at all, so I use this method to try to stay with that company. If they won't be reasonable, though, I will switch companies. I am on social security, and I remind them that although their charges go up periodically, my income never goes up.

Tell Us How You Did It

Have You Negotiated a Bill Successfully?

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