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Readers Respond: Have You Been to One of the Longest Yard Sales?

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Have you visited one (or all) of the longest yard sales in the US? Tell us about your trip. Did you score something great?


Last year was my first World's Longest Yard Sale. I loved it! Everyone was friendly, the prices weren't as high as I was expecting and I found a lot of great goodies. This year I am taking my vacation that week.

400 Mile Sale Across KY into TN

The 4-Day 400 Mile Sale across Kentucky May 31st - June 3rd is listing many of their yard sales and what each will be selling at 400mile.com/locations.html. And this year, the 400 Mile Sale travels along Historic Hwy 68 across Kentucky and has expanded along Hwy 641 from Paris and Puryear TN through Hazel and Murray KY. One can now go from Paris (TN) to Paris (KY) and find so many wonderful treasures along the way! Come shop til you drop! 400mile.com
—Guest Debby

hwy. 60 rummage

This is our 4th year going, and we love it. From Hawesvile going west until we get to tired. Then the next day we go west, This yr. some family from WI are going with us. So we will have a lot of family going.
—Guest Virginia Easton

We like the hwy 60 yardsale

My sister and I did the hwy 60 yardsale in Livingston, Ky thru Meade Co. and beyond areas. I must say the way we found this sale was as a veteran of the die-hard 127 sale for MANY years. We overheard a conversation about this sale, so we said why not? We were very pleased. The weather is cooler; the finds are better; and the people as so nice. Many of the sales are at peoples homes, which are right on hwy 60. We had lots of good conversations and had a great time. Sometimes, it's just nice to have the time away and have the time to be yourself and to think. People appreciate good southern hospitality and sweet tea, and they have plenty of both on this route!! We are going this year again and taking our brother, for he has the gift of gab better than any woman. Looking forward to a blast, and have shared this info with my die-hard yardsale co-workers. Hope to see you there!
—Guest Cindy

Owner of Antique Shop on Ks Highway 36

This will be the 6th annual Treasure Hunt across Kansas. We have thousands of people come through our town Washington about half way across Hwy36. We have nothing but great reviews about our town and how many that is set up here. Come and see.
—Guest Susan Graham

Hwy 70 Yard Sale June 8th-11th

We have sold on the Hwy 70 for 8 years and it has been great for us. It seems to get larger every year. We are located in Cedar Grove about 15 miles east of Jackson. The only bad part is I don't get to shop it very much.

garage sale

May not be the longest but sure is the biggest: in Warrensburg, NY Great fun and great buys and a great restaurant
—Guest marci


My daughter-in-law and I did the 127 Longest Yard Sale several years ago and it was the most fun we've ever had on a trip. We scored some awesome buys and met many wonderful people along the way. On the way home, we watched billboards and various signs and visited flea markets and towns that were advertised. What fun!! Eventually we put 1,000 miles (coming from Kansas) on my minivan but every mile was worth it. We will definitely do it again.
—Guest Pat

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