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Readers Respond: Have you found a great way to reuse coffee cans?

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From the article: Uses for Coffee Cans
There are so many ways to reuse an empty coffee can. Tell us how you like to reuse yours?

Who'd have thought

This is probably not the best way to use coffee cans but I am reminded of a house we owned and did major remodeling to. Nearly every demolition had a surprise. But under the stairs was the real kicker. Where the dryer would be there was a plastic hose to vent the heat. I guess it was too short because duct taped to it were 6 metal coffee cans. Than the vent was not outside put under the last step. I am guessing to heat the room?
—Guest Bizeegal

Reuse Coffee Cans

Turn the two cans upside down. Punch a hole in each side, then in the top next to the side hole. Thread a strong string through the holes on one side, leave a long loop and thread the end on the other side, as if you were making a handle. Stand on the can to determine the length of the handle. You now have coffee can stilts that make a lot of noise on the sidewalk.
—Guest MaryAlice

Hanging Baskets

I used the plastic ones to make hanging baskets and planted strawberries in them on the sides. I also used them as a topsy-turvy, the upside down tomato planter.
—Guest Stephen

A Snowman

paint 3 cans white; screw together to make a snowman; cover 4th can with blk felt to make tophat; add butttons , eyes and nose; drill hole to add corncob pipe; add scarf; drill holes for arms; attach branches. Use small tins to make a female snowman.
—Guest Elizabeth Marsh

KS Sunshine

Yes, we use coffee cans (plastic ones) to plant "mints" in the garden. We bury the coffee can and put the mint inside. This way we can have mint and it's root system doesn't spread all over the place.
—Guest KS Sunshine


I painted a friend's house, and the plastic Folgers can came in handy, much easier to handle for trim painting than a paint can, which is not easy on the fingers.
—Guest sandy


i use the large plastic coffee cans for small toys that my grands seem to loose. There is no annoying noise when it rattles, and there is a handle for carrying, making it easier for little hands to grip.
—Guest marie brown

emergency blizzard kit

We live upstate NY and you never know if you might get stranded in your car for awhile! One year, I decided to keep 2 plastic-styled coffee cans in my car - one had a roll of toilet paper inside of the one can (just in case...)the container becoming an emergency "Toilet". The other held nutrigrain type bars,collapsible cup, candybars and gum,single tubes of drink mixes, toothbrush/paste,pkg of baby wipes, 2 each-hand and foot warmers in pkgs(found at sporting goods stores that last up to 8 hrs)extra pair of socks, a blanket made of thinsulate incase the car ran out of gas. And a small am/fm radio with ear pods with extra batteries. I keep these in my car along with 2 gallons of water. These items could help alot until you can get to a safe place.

As a child's bank

I reuse coffee cans to offer my kids a way to save money. Cut a small slit in the lid to fit a folded dollar bill and they can put their money inside it. It really makes their faces light up when they shake it and can hear all the coins in it.
—Guest Michelle

Hat Rack

I put my caps on the open side of the can. The can keeps the shape of the hat and the lid off allows venting. You can line them up on a shelf.
—Guest Brian LeClair

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