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Readers Respond: Have you found a great way to reuse coffee cans?

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From the article: Uses for Coffee Cans
There are so many ways to reuse an empty coffee can. Tell us how you like to reuse yours? Share Your Tip

uses for coffee cans

Coffee cans are great to have in a motor home. Use as canisters for flour, sugar, etc. Serve soups and cold salads at potlucks or picnics. Store nails, screws, small screwdrivers and pliers and wrenches for a small tool box. Keep crackers crisp, use as a cookie jar, cover for extra toilet paper, trash can in bathroom in RV, the uses are endless. Keep older cans for garbage or trash disposal, just discard the entire can and contents when filled.
—Guest Poopsie


fastened the can to object ,wall, door,hang bridles on the can and you can put bits or hair nets, number pins inside the can put the lid back on . .thats just one idea.Hoses and nosles.extension cords on and on.
—Guest barb sue

Bird feeders

You will hang the can on it's side with the handle up. Cut a 1/2" to 2" hole in the lid nest to the edge and place lid on can with the hole to the top. Screw in an eye bolt in the handle for hanging. On the inside of the can screw a nut on the end of the bolt to prevent injuring the birds. On the outside place a removable hook with a small piece of chain attached to it on the eye bolt. One like you use on a dog chain. Paint, decorate, fill and hang.
—Guest Cora

Bird houses

Bird house: Take a drill and make small air and drainage holes in your plastic coffee can. You will want to turn the can upside down and drill small holes around the top side of the can. (the reason for turning the can upside down is to prevent rain from dripping inside the can.) Drill holes around the lid for drainage. Top side cut a hole 1 1/2" in size. Drill two holes for screws in handle so you can fasten the house to it's fixture. About an inch below the entrance hole drill two holes each across from the other. In these holes you will slide a wooden dowel through, creating a pirch on each side and on the inside also. Paint , decorate and hang. These are easy to clean and sanitize, just pop the lid off and clean. You can also remove the lid for the winter to prevent mice and snake making a home in it. Just place lid back on when you are ready for them to be used again.
—Guest Cora

Fishing bait holder

You can drill a few holes in it and drill a hole in the handle. Place a small rope in the holes in the handle and use it to hook the container to the side of your boat. This is great for keeping your minnows in the fresh lake water. Another use along this same line is to use as a worm holder for fishing worms. Punch or drill a few air holes in the lid. Inside the coffee can add moist dirt or soil. Add your worms. Then place moist corrugated cardboard. The worms will eat the glue on the cardboard for food and require little care.
—Guest Cora

Coffee Cans

I use the plastic coffee cans to put different bird seed in. One container has corn, the other has mixed bird seed. I then take the containers outside and use them as a shaker. I like the plastic coffee containers because they don't rust.
—Guest parmaoh

kitchen compost can

I use one by my sink for holding the days coffee grounds, egg shells, peels, etc to carry out to the garden.


I live in a rural area and have to drive 45 min. to dispose of trash and recyclables. I save grease and drippings in a coffee can and keep in the freezer until I am hauling the refuse into town.
—Guest BB

Container Garden

We poked holes in the bottoms of the large plastic Folger cans and planted tomatoes.
—Guest Pauline

Who'd have thought

This is probably not the best way to use coffee cans but I am reminded of a house we owned and did major remodeling to. Nearly every demolition had a surprise. But under the stairs was the real kicker. Where the dryer would be there was a plastic hose to vent the heat. I guess it was too short because duct taped to it were 6 metal coffee cans. Than the vent was not outside put under the last step. I am guessing to heat the room?
—Guest Bizeegal

Reuse Coffee Cans

Turn the two cans upside down. Punch a hole in each side, then in the top next to the side hole. Thread a strong string through the holes on one side, leave a long loop and thread the end on the other side, as if you were making a handle. Stand on the can to determine the length of the handle. You now have coffee can stilts that make a lot of noise on the sidewalk.
—Guest MaryAlice

Hanging Baskets

I used the plastic ones to make hanging baskets and planted strawberries in them on the sides. I also used them as a topsy-turvy, the upside down tomato planter.
—Guest Stephen

A Snowman

paint 3 cans white; screw together to make a snowman; cover 4th can with blk felt to make tophat; add butttons , eyes and nose; drill hole to add corncob pipe; add scarf; drill holes for arms; attach branches. Use small tins to make a female snowman.
—Guest Elizabeth Marsh

KS Sunshine

Yes, we use coffee cans (plastic ones) to plant "mints" in the garden. We bury the coffee can and put the mint inside. This way we can have mint and it's root system doesn't spread all over the place.
—Guest KS Sunshine


I painted a friend's house, and the plastic Folgers can came in handy, much easier to handle for trim painting than a paint can, which is not easy on the fingers.
—Guest sandy

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